Friday, March 21, 2008

Article on IITians attitude...

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The post is really hilarious and bit unreasonalble frm IITian’s point of view. if u look at any organization i am sure we can find fair number of IITian’s in the top management which proves that they are really capable.. take any reputed company (like microsoft) u can find fair number of IITian’s. Some of the core qualities IITian’s have ( which u can’t find in non-IITian’s) :
Never give up attitude
Excellent problem solving skills
Structured way of thinking
Ability to learn things very fast
Love to do challeging work
Also, i don’t agree with the argument that IITian’s always boost or market IIT brandname …infact they are not the persons who popularized the IIT brand name..non-iitians are the ones who actually popularized it realising that it’s worth to be popularized. The reason behind this popularity — IITians outperformace in almost every field.Being an IITian i never used IIT brandname in any of my initial conversation. i was made to use it just because after talking for a while ppl used to ask me “what’s ur background??”. This type of situation happens to most of the iitians bcoz the way of thinking of iitians is completly different. This is the one of the big differentiating factor between IITian’s and non IITians..The core qualities which i have mentioned above reflects in every IITian’s conversations. The work they do reflects these qualities. so people are curious to know where the person has developed these qualities.. obvious answer is IIT !


somya said...

there are great number of people in this india who are not iitians but possess more skills and nice atitudes then them,..

Soumodeep said...

common non iitians donot popularize the iit brand. In our college(that is a private college)in west bengal there are so many students who cleared gate with top ranks ,excelling in each and every qualities mentioned above,preferred not to join any iit or iisc instead they preferred jobs.Its your attitude which belives you to think so and mind it all iits are not good.And also there are so many students who get good ranks in jee but still take admission in nits(for cs branch)inspite of getting other branches in top iits.