Monday, October 6, 2008

Expressiveness + Movies + Love + Work + Mind

Instead of getting buried inside the search framework stuff all the time, thought of writing an article on Expressiveness + Movies + Love + Work + Mind etc …

Recently I heard an interesting quote from one of my friend at Microsoft – “Most of the people in this world are not much expressive just bcoz they fear that something may go wrong if they express what they believe in”. And most of them don’t really want to bear the consequences if something goes wrong. Yes he is right.

Movies and expressiveness – There is tight coupling between movies and “expressiveness”. I haven’t seen a single person who doesn’t like movies. Why? Because most of the things which we can’t do or express (what we really want to do) in real life can be expressed through movies/tales (But we seldom get a chance, unless we r a director or novelist...). I have seen people complaining that most of the movies made nowadays are related to Love (90%). Why? Just bcoz most people seldom like to express love in the real world (I am not inferring only the teenage love). Hence this topic becomes an integral part of movies and tales. Personally, I feel like Love is something which needs to be expressed. Whatever we don’t (or can’t) express in real life that things become an integral part of movies/tales (and of course our dreams too…).

Love – Let me ignore all the other flavors of love (Mother – Son etc) and just focus on love which happens with a boy and gal at an age of 18-28. I have seen many ppl (especially teenagers) who are ready to do anything for love. But teenage love is dangerous just bcoz at that age we can’t make distinction between real “Love” and an “Infatuation” (of course some people do...But definitely not at the age below 19). There is quotation like “Everything is fair in love and war”… yes that’s really true but applicable only for love and not for Infatuations. So one needs to know the clear distinction between love and infatuation whenever they talk about (or implement) the rules of love. I am sure every person in this world goes through a series of infatuations (even though they may not experience love...i.e. teenage love) in his life time. Personally I feel like we shud enjoy them and shouldn’t take them seriously as long as they doesn’t harm anyone. Love is more enjoyable than an infatuation.

Let me quote some good dialogues from my favorite movies. They really make u know the power of love. To demonstrate the power of love I am using movie dialogues instead of real life scenarios just bcoz as explained above what we can’t express in real life can be better expressed through movies\tales.

Movie: “A Walk to Remember”
Shane west: r u scared of death?
Mandy Moore: I am scared of not being with u.

Movie: “Jab We Met”
Kareena Kapoor: Am I doing the right thing (At the time of eloping)
Shahid: No, You are not doing the right thing. But it’s ok...u only said that everything is fair in love…

Movie: “If Only”
Paul Nicholls: In your life, if u has one day left what would you do
Jennifer Love: That's a hard question.
Paul Nicholls: I just like to know
Jennifer Love: Well, Shoe shopping....eating.....
Hmm...It’s an easy answer..I will spend up with u...just being
now ..doing nothing...

Mind and Heart – Whatever we express, originates from mind, heart or Mind + Heart. When we are in love, generally we use only our heart (heart goes to 100% utilization level at that time). But at that time, we have to use our mind too up to some level... The obvious question is “why?” …”In order to figure out whether it’s really love or an infatuation”. If it’s really love, go ahead and enjoy using your heart at 100% utilization level.

The most important part – WORK and LEARNING - Mind and Heart plays an important role in Working\Learning. People who use only mind during work\learning can’t make better products unless they put their heart into what they do. Most successful people in this world are the ones who put their hearts while doing work...I mean they like and love what they do from the core of their heart. So while working or learning anything… love the work and keep right blend of heart and mind into it. By putting your mind, u will get the creative output and putting ur heart u will get the real satisfaction i.e the real things which we expect while doing work or learning something. Finally, what I mean to say is put a correct blend of Mind+Heart while working or learning something. That fetches u the creative output and outmost satisfaction.

Disclaimer: The above inferences are from my real world experiences and sometimes these fundaes may look like bullshit if we look them from a different angle


Anonymous said...

neelo oka rachayita daagi unnadu
vaanni tanni bayataki laagu.....

Anonymous said...

The article is a bitter trueth..
I agree that we really donot know how to express our feelings.
thats where the problems start