Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Story of Mr.Subtle "A True Mathematician"

Mr.Subtle failed in mathematics. He always wondered y mathematics is so boring and y mathematics teachers are so cruel. Mr. Subtle always suffered from questioning attitude and especially on mathematics. One day Mr.Subtle’s mathematics teacher Mr.Pasha said : In the equation x+3 = 5 if 3 is moved to the right side of equals it becomes -3 (x= 5-3). Mr.Subtle really wondered how this magic is happening till the time he got to know from Mr.Pasha that he is simply adding -3 on both sides of equals to make this magic possible.
Mr.Sublte always had fun teasing mathematics teachers and Mr.Pasha is his first victim. One fine day Mr.Pasha asks Mr.Subtle’s close friend that how many zeroes are there in a million.Indians were only taught about crores and lakhs unlike americans so Mr.Subtle’s friend is really confused. Mr.Subtle also donno the exact answer but he thought of teasing Mr.Pasha and so raised his hand.
Mr.Pasha: Hey Mr.Subtle…do you know the answer for this question?
Mr.Subtle: Yes sir…but before answering this I have a question for you…
Mr.Pasha: What’s that?
Mr.Subtle: In which numeric system? Binary? Decimal? Hexadecimal?
Mr.Pasha: I got your point. Let’s assume decimal system.
Mr.Subtle: Then are you asking about zero’s to the left side of 1 or right side of 1?
Mr.Pasha: Does that really matter?
Mr.Subtle: Yes…if the zeros are on the left side of 1 we can put as many zero’s as we want so a million can have infinite number of zeros on the left side of 1.
Mr.Subtle felt good for saving his from from Mr.Pasha.
Another fine day Mr.Pasha was teaching about complex numbers and was explaining that i = Squareroot of -1 and i is the core foundation of complex number system. Mr.Subtle really got confused and asked Mr.Pasha that y he is only interested in sqrt(-1) and not cuberoot of (-1) or 4th root of -1 and so on.Now Mr. Pasha is confused.
Then onwards Mr.Pasha got little bit uneasy for all Mr.Subtles hand raising “I know the answer” questions. From the core of his heart he felt like he has to take revenge on Mr.Subtle some day.
Finally, that day has come. Mr.Pasha was explaining about the limits in calculus and how limits becomes the foundation of differential calculus. Mr.Subtle raises his hand.
Mr.Subtle: if the value of 0/0 is not defined then y u are trying to make sense of it by introducing limits?
This time Mr.Pasha got a chance to tease Mr.Subtle. He never wanted to let it go. Though he donno the exact answer for Mr.Subtle’s question he wanted to answer his question with another question.
Mr Pasha: The answer for your question is here…suppose you and your girlfriend are separated by a distance of 100 meters and to reach your girlfriend….. in every one hour you travel a distance of half of the distance needs to be covered (I mean in first hours you can cover 100/2 50 m and in second hour 50+50/2 means 75 and in third hours 50+50/2+50/4 means 87.5 mts and so on…). In how many hours you can reach your girlfriend?
Mr. Subtle then got to know that he can’t reach his girlfriend by solving Mr. Pasha’s problem and really appreciated why limits exists and the way Mr. Pasha explained the limits concept. But he really wondered whether we can apply this limits concepts to zero power zero.
Another fine day Mr.Subtle got a doubt that y Mr.Physics teacher taught him up to acceleration and what happens if we differentiate acceleration wrt to time (s is displacement ds/dt is velocity and ds square/dt square is acceleration  and what if we differentiate one more time I mean what is ds cube/dt cube)
Since Mr.Subtle is more comfortable in teasing Mr.Pasha he posed the same question to Mr.Pasha. Fortunately Mr.Pasha has a partial answer. “If we differentiate acceleration u will get a Jerk!!! If you want to differentiate more and get to know the answers for the same go and join a school called IIT in India. Mr. Subtle felt bad that Mr.Pasha might be calling him jerk but he took the latter advice very seriously.
In the first year of engineering Mr.Subtle was introduced to computers and he was told that computer can answer any damn question in the world. To his surprise he found it’s mostly true when he typed something on Google and when he learnt about artificial intelligence.
One day out of curiosity Mr.Subtle asked the professor “Sir tell me at least one interesting thing which computer brain can’t do and only human brain can do?” ….professor immediately replied “Computers brain can’t pose questions like you…especially context sensitive questions”.  
Because of ethical hacking addiction Mr. Subtle cultivated a never give up attitude.  His virtual roommate Mr. VK Reddy once got pissed off with his never give up attitude and thought let’s tease Mr.Subtle with a Subtle Question. He handed over an indefinite integral to Mr.Subtle and said if you are a true mathematician solve this question in 24 hours. Our “never give up” Mr.Subtle sacrificed  his sleep, girlfriend fun, chatting, eating,  phone calls  and even  hacking fun to solve this damn indefinite integral. Mr. Subtle know that Mr VK Reddy is a kind of a guy who knows only one way of shutting down a computer i.e. switching off the power button on the switch board.  Mr. Subtle wanted to prove that he is a true mathematician to Mr.VK Reddy. 24 hrs passed on. One day passed on…One week passed on….Mr.VK Reddy collected all the papers which Mr.Subte is wasting on daily basis and started earning money by selling them to waste paper wala…one month passed on…one fine day Mr.VK Reddy decides his earning on waste paper business is more than enoug and conveys to Mr.Suble that “Not all indefinite integrals have solutions and in the same way not all life problems have solutions and never give up attitude should always have limits”…hmm then hearing about limits Mr.Subtle got to remember Mr.Pasha  and got to know y  Mr. Pasha  gave that last advise. Mr.Subtle found a true mathematician.
Then onwards Mr.Subtle always tried impressing Mr.VK Reddy  by discussing some of his unusual mathematical findings like the number between two consecutive primes is always divisible by 6 ( 17,19 …18 is divisibe by 6 ..41, 43 …42 is divisibe by 6) no magic numbers exists in 6 digits (magic number is: sum of factors of a number should be equal to the number for ex: 6 = 2+3+1 and 18 etc..) but Mr. Subtle never lived upto the expectations of Mr. VK Reddy.
Mr.Subtle never expected that more surprises are waiting for him in corporations….Read on……


Vijay said...

I was hoping for a finish to the story, like, this is the story of Mr. Subtle, a famous business man.

Dhirendra Kr Jha said...

Nice stories dude. had forgot limits and prime number and integral. Kind of refreshing.

sunil said...

nice story dude.
An engineer thinks that his equations are an approximation to reality. A physicist thinks reality is an approximation to his equations. A mathematician doesn't give a shit.

ulrich.1984 said...

Nice story... I was hoping an end to this... and If I am not wrong mr. Subtle would end up in MS :)

ulrich.1984 said...

Good one... waiting for the ned of it... and if I am not wrong Mr. Subtle would surely end up in MS

Anonymous said...

Nice post..... I would be waiting for you to write something on Mr. Data Scientist (as people are talking a lot about him)



interesting story, i think this story should be known to all engineering studends , I am a commerce student but i am very much interested in mathamatics i have recollected the mathamatics equations and magic in it